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Neurocutaneous syndromes are rare neurologic disorders that affect the central nervous system due to tumors (cancer or non-cancer) that develop in the brain, spinal cord, organs, bones and skin. Although children are born with these syndromes, they may not be diagnosed until tumors can be seen on the skin or they cause problems with a child’s function. The oncologists (cancer doctors) in our Nemours Children's Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders work closely with Nemours experts in neurology and orthopedics to find the cause of your child’s symptoms. Since tumors grow and change as your child develops, our experts monitor and address each issue. Although there’s no cure, our specially trained care teams are here to help your child and family as you learn to manage this lifelong condition.

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Why Choose Us

Our Nemours Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders (or “NCCBD”) offers children renowned oncology (cancer) and neurology (brain and spinal cord) care that includes extensive experience in the these rare conditions. And since neurocutaneous syndromes can develop in many different ways as your child grows, we coordinate our care to provide a personal treatment plan for your child — not a standard, one-size approach. We also offer: 

  • Continuous monitoring and follow-ups to anticipate and treat symptoms over time
  • Collaborations with our affiliates for the most advanced treatment options 
  • Supportive services for your child and family today, and for the long term 

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