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Patient Stories

Nemours Orthopedic Center at Nemours/Alfred I. duPont Hospital for Children

1600 Rockland Road, Wilmington, DE 19803 | Get Map & Directions »

Stories From Families Who've Been There

Sometimes the best support and peace of mind comes from fellow families who’ve been there. Check out these uplifting stories about our inspiring pediatric orthopedic patients at the Nemours/Alfred I. duPont Hospital for Children’s Orthopedic Center.

Share these with your child and your whole family to help them understand what to expect — and to know they’re not alone.

Patient Stories & Videos by Condition


Video Story

Girl with arthrogryposis and robotic arm opens play refrigerator
Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenita: Emma

See how a life-changing 3-D printed device called the “Wilmington Robotic Exoskeleton” (WREX) gave sweet little Emma her amazing “magic arms.”

Cerebral Palsy

Video Stories

Cerebral Palsy: Ira  Ira has cerebral palsy, but it doesn't interfere with his love of sports or his dream of being a broadcaster.
Cerebral Palsy: Ira

Ira has cerebral palsy, but it does not interfere with his love of sports or his dream of being a broadcaster.

Cerebral Palsy: Shannon

Cerebral Palsy: Shannon

Shannon's wheelchair and communication device give her the freedom to explore and a voice to be heard.

Cerebral Palsy: Parents Talk

Cerebral Palsy: Parents Talk

Get advice from parents raising kids with CP. Learn what works, what doesn't and what helped these families the most.

Neuromuscular Disorders
Orthopedic Trauma (Fractures/Broken Bones)
Scoliosis & Spinal Deformities

Video Stories

Scoliosis: Teens Talk

See how this inspiring group of adolescents didn’t let their spine curvatures keep them from doing the things they love.

Scoliosis: A Patient's School Project About Her Journey

Rachel, a lifelong dancer who had spine surgery to correct her scoliosis, shares her experience (and that of her friends' with scoliosis) in this video she created for a school project.

Skeletal Dysplasia (Dwarfism)

Video Story

Video about young adult woman with dwarfism
Diastrophic Dysplasia: Emily

See how Emily, who has diastrophic dysplasia (a form of dwarfism), leads a big life, regardless of being a little person.

Sports Medicine

Video Stories

ACL Injury: Dejuan

See how stretching and rest aided Dejuan’s recovery after a devastating high school football injury.

ACL Injury: Kameron

See how this lifelong athlete — from ballerina to field hockey player, cheerleader to soccer player — became even stronger after an ACL injury.

Concussion: Jack

See how Jack recovered from a scary concussion he sustained during a rugby game.

Overuse Pain: Shannon

See how Shannon, a competitive hockey and lacrosse player, found help after dealing with ongoing hip pain.