A child with custom pediatric orthotics from Nemours

Our pediatric orthotics specialists use prefabricated or custom-made orthotics for children to provide support and increase mobility for kids who are born with or develop any number of musculoskeletal abnormalities or conditions.

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The term "ortho" means to correct or straighten. When you think of pediatric orthotics, you may picture the simple devices worn in shoes to improve mobility and decrease pain. While shoe inserts are, indeed, orthotics, there are many more complex solutions available for a broad range of conditions affecting the bones, muscles and joints.

Pediatric orthotics help to improve children’s gait (how they walk), as well as support the spine, upper extremities or lower extremities.

Some examples of pediatric orthotics include:
  • ankle foot orthoses (also called AFOs)
  • leg braces
  • hand and wrist splints
  • shoulder and elbow braces
  • body braces