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Gait & Motion Analysis

Improving How Kids Walk

Sometimes children need special shoes, leg braces, casts or surgery to help them walk better. Each child’s way of walking, stepping or running (called their “gait”) is different. At Nemours Children's, our Gait & Motion Analysis Lab builds a three-dimensional (3-D) computer model of your child’s gait to help us figure out what might be causing gait problems. From this, we can create a special treatment plan.

Our gait analysis lab is one of just 10 in the country with full accreditation and one of only two in the region based in a pediatric hospital. We have the highest level of clinical and technical excellence in movement analysis. That means we can offer children the best possible care in evaluating their gait and motion challenges. We’re here to help kids with gait problems reach their full potential.

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Conditions We Treat

As children grow, gait problems can get worse because of changes in their bones or severe tightening in their muscles. Kids who have trouble walking (and may benefit from gait analysis) may have conditions such as:

Services We Offer

At the Gait & Motion Analysis Lab, we place electrodes and reflective markers on your child to measure their muscle activity and track the motion in different parts of their body. We use video cameras, computers and pressure plates to collect detailed information about your child’s gait and help us figure out what’s going on. 

Our gait analysis experts work together to collect and interpret the data. Our team includes:

  • A biomechanist (who runs the computer technology, collects the data, and processes it for the report)
  • An orthopedic surgeon (who leads the team in understanding the data and recommending treatment options)
  • A physical therapist (who supervises and guides your child through all of the testing procedures and helps educate your family)

The data we collect, along with a physical exam, can help us identify ways to improve your child’s ability to walk, step and run. That might include occupational therapy (OT), physical therapy (PT), medications, orthotics (inserts or braces), and/or surgery.

Why Choose Us

Families choose Nemours because we’re experts at diagnosing and treating gait problems in children. Our lab was one of the first — and is still one of very few — in the country that specializes in working with kids and teens. And, the orthopedic surgeons and doctors we work with are among the very best in their field. Together, we’re actively involved in studies and clinical trials to look for better ways to diagnose and treat childhood orthopedic and neuromuscular diseases.

Delaware Valley/Greater Philadelphia

We offer gait analysis at Nemours Children’s Hospital, Delaware (Wilmington).

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