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Gentle, Effective Clubfoot Treatment for Kids

A mom helping her child with clubfoot put on special brace.

Clubfoot is when a baby’s foot points down and turns in. This can lead to serious problems with walking. That’s why we treat kids early — a week or two after birth if possible. To get the best results, most babies at Nemours have clubfoot treatment without major surgery. Nemours orthopedic specialists (doctors who work with the bones and muscles) use a method that gently and gradually moves a baby’s foot into the correct position. 

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Services We Offer

Services We Offer

At Nemours, we personalize clubfoot care for each and every baby. The services we offer depend on your child’s needs and location, and may include:

  • expert diagnosis, including prenatal diagnosis as early as the 20th week of pregnancy 
  • gentle stretching and a series of foot casts to help move the foot into the correct position over time 
  • a tenotomy heel cord release procedure (a small cut in the Achilles tendon loosens the heel so the foot can heal in the correct position)
  • a brace to help your child’s foot stay in the new, correct position after the casts 
  • surgery to correct clubfoot
  • physical therapy to help stretch and strengthen the calf and foot muscles as your child grows
  • gait and motion analysis to help analyze and diagnose problems with walking 
  • genetic evaluation and counseling when parents might have other children with clubfoot or if children with clubfoot have another conditions
Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us

At Nemours, we personalize clubfoot care for each and every baby. The services we offer depend on your child’s needs and location, and may include:

Families come to Nemours because we’re one of the best-known pediatric orthopedic practices in the world. We’ve spent decades diagnosing and treating clubfoot in children. And we’re always looking to the future: Our experts are involved in studies and clinical trials to find better ways to diagnose and treat childhood orthopedic conditions.

Year after year, many of our experts are recognized as “Best Doctors in America ®.” And we’re proud that, every year, families like you vote us “Top Doctors” in magazine and other surveys. 

Regional Highlights of Our Clubfoot Treatment

Services, programs and care teams differ at each location. Call for details. 

We offer complete clubfoot treatment at Nemours/Alfred I. duPont Hospital for Children (Wilmington, Del.) and select satellite Nemours duPont Pediatrics locations.

We offer clubfoot treatment at Nemours Children’s Hospital (Orlando).

We offer complete clubfoot treatment at Nemours Children’s Specialty Care, Jacksonville.

We offer clubfoot treatment at Nemours Children’s Specialty Care, Pensacola.

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Research & Clinical Trials

At Nemours, we’re actively researching new approaches for childhood disease prevention, diagnosis and treatment.

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Learn more about your child’s medical condition from the experts at Nemours’ KidsHealth.