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Nemours Perinatal Program

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Your Personalized Care Team of Experts

Having an expert team assembled during pregnancy and available after delivery ensures that problems can be diagnosed and treated as soon as possible. At Nemours Perinatal Program, our perinatal doctor, care team and consulting specialists will work with you and your own physicians to make sure you get the answers and care you need, right from the start.

Our Perinatal Team

Our Comprehensive Perinatal Team

If you're pregnant and your baby may have a congenital condition, the Nemours Perinatal Program team will work with your referring physician(s) to give you compassionate support, arrange for diagnostic testing, set up appointments with all of our necessary specialists — and help prepare you for what may lie ahead.

Joanna Costa, MD

Medical Director, Perinatal Program and Advanced Delivery Program

Dr. Costa's role is to supervise medical staff and interface with nursing and ancillary staff. She works with both teams to achieve the programs' mission and vision goals.
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Richard Lorber, MD

Director, Fetal Cardiology 

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Stuart (Bud) Weiner, MD


Dr. Weiner provides referral support for complex patients. He provides on-site medical care and consultative services as requested.
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Chris Beaty, MSN, CCRN

Director of Nursing – Perinatal and Delivery Programs, NICU, and ECMO

Chris manages the everyday operations, business processes and activity related to program efficiency and productivity. He develops processes to offer continuity of care to improve perinatal outcomes.

Diane Fitzgerald, BSN, RN, CCRN, Med

Perinatal and Delivery Program Manager

Diane is the clinical liaison between the patient and family and the care team. Her role is to ensure the family’s successful navigation through the perinatal testing and consultation process. She facilitates resolution of any questions/concerns during pregnancy, and is a conduit to all Nemours resources to ensure a positive experience. One call to Diane will initiate all necessary diagnostic testing and specialty consultations.

Tracy Krakowski

Patient Access Coordinator

Tracy is the primary contact person for families. She coordinates all patient registration and scheduling needs from the first encounter to the first postnatal visit.

Stephanie S. Ng, MSN, NP-C

Fetal Cardiac Coordinator

Amanda Jones

Patient Access Coordinator

Amanda is the primary contact person for families. She coordinates all patient registration and scheduling needs from the first encounter to the first postnatal visit.

Our Consulting Specialists

Our Highly-Skilled Consulting Specialists

Nemours Children’s Hospital, Delaware physicians have been providing fetal testing and consultations for more than a decade. We offer intensive and acute inpatient and outpatient services, with 250 board-certified specialists providing expert care in more than 30 disciplines.

Many of our physicians have been named among the Best Doctors in America®, year after year.

Below are the Nemours Children’s Hospital, Delaware specialists who work with expectant parents and their physicians through the Nemours Partners for Perinatal Management (NPPM) program. We arrange for consultations with specific specialists based on your baby's diagnosis (or diagnoses), and the specialists work with you and your referring physicians to create a plan of care for after your baby's birth.

Cardiac Surgery

Christian Pizarro, MD (Department Chair)


Paul C. Anisman, MD
Maheed Bhat, MD
Rami Kharouf, MD
Amanda Shillingford, MD (Associate Medical Director, Nemours Partners for Perinatal Management)
Deepika Thacker, MD

Infectious Disease

Karen Ann Ravin, MD (Division Chief)


Deepthi Alapati, MD
Joanna Costa, MD
Daniel Dirnberger, MD (Division Chief, Neonatology)
Lynn Fuchs, MD
Jay Greenspan, MD (Department Chair, Pediatrics)
Ashish Gupta, MD
Jane Ierardi, MD
Mark Ogino, MD (Director, Critical Care Services; Medical Director, Nemours Partners for Perinatal Management) Kevin M. Sullivan, MD


Joshua J. Zaritsky, MD, PhD (Division Chief)


Jeffrey W. Campbell, MD, FAAP (Director, Neuroscience Center)
Joseph H. Piatt, Jr., MD, FAAP (Division Chief) 

Palliative Care
Plastic & Maxillofacial Surgery

Which Specialist(s) Will Your Baby Need?

Of course, which or how many of our specialists you see will depend entirely on your child’s condition. You may not need to see any of our specialists, actually. But if you do, you can take comfort in knowing you have an experienced team working to give your baby the best start in life. And if you're expecting a baby with multiple abnormalities or concerns, you can feel confident in knowing that some of the best physicians around are on hand to help.

And, thanks to our award-winning, state-of-the-art electronic health record (EHR), every member of your care team can see exactly what’s going on with your care at the same time. That means information on every test and diagnosis is available quickly and from any of our locations.

Communication and Collaboration

“Too often patients are put on a conveyor belt of multiple testing and consultations, often getting discordant advice when they are already emotionally fragile. That’s not the case at Nemours. [The nurse] coordinates everything beautifully, communication and collaboration are excellent, and the busy obstetrician doesn’t need to get involved in logistics.”

Bud (Stuart) Weiner, MD, perinatologist, Nemours Children’s Hospital, Delaware