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Transition of Care

Helping Kids and Teens Transition to Adult Care

Nemours Children's transition of care team helps kids grow into healthy adults. We teach children as young as age 11 to start taking control of their health and wellness. And when it’s time, we help them switch to adult providers to ensure seamless medical care.

We’re pioneers in the field and have set the standard for transition of care. In fact, we were the nation’s first children’s hospital to offer complete services for kids with a range of medical needs. Today, hospitals across the country model their programs after ours.

Our team includes a pediatrician and a transition social work coordinator. We help your child understand their condition and treatments, make appointments, talk to doctors, find adult specialists, apply for resources, and much more.

We work with kids who have ongoing or complex medical conditions, or anyone under Nemours care. Together, with your family, we build your child’s confidence and empower them to become their healthiest selves.

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Conditions & Treatments

We see a wide range of conditions — far too many to list here. The conditions we treat vary depending on the location and providers selected. Don’t see a condition listed? Call us.

Leaders in Transitioning Kids and Teens to Adult Care

At Nemours, we take time to get to know your child. Our first consultation meeting lasts an hour and a half. We go over your child’s medical history, challenges and what they may need as an adult. We ask about dreams and future goals so we can help make them happen.


Age we start our transition of care services


Minutes, the length of our first consultation meeting

Up to 4

Number of times we may meet each year

We provide a written transition of care plan. After our first meeting, you get a complete, written plan that outlines goals, responsibilities, action items and deadlines. The plan includes a medical summary your child can share with providers, adult specialists they may need, insurance and legal issues to consider, and more.

We meet regularly to update your child’s plan. Depending on your child’s situation, we may meet once or twice a year, or even once every three months, to update the plan. We celebrate successes and reorganize goals to match your child’s health journey.

We empower your child to manage their health care. Based on their age and ability, we teach your child how to use medical equipment, read test results, talk to insurance providers, refill prescriptions and more. We show them how to be independent, and how you can support them.

We want your child’s dreams to come true. We outline how your child can reach goals in education, career, housing, transportation and more. We help you know what to expect and what to consider as it relates to your child’s specific health needs.

We Partner With Schools to Improve Health Care Literacy

We want all children to grow into healthy adults, even those who may never enter our doors. That’s why we designed lesson plans for teachers for all students, grades K through 12. We cover health insurance, types of medical doctors, health histories, how to read medicine labels and many other important topics.

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Getting Ready for Adult Care

A child who’s actively involved in their medical care may have a healthier adulthood. See tips for fostering your child’s health independence.