A young patient diagnosed with pediatric tuberculosis

A diagnosis of pediatric tuberculosis, which is a disease caused by bacteria that infects the lungs, can be frightening to you and your child. You should know that most pediatric tuberculosis treatment can take place without an overnight stay at the hospital. If your child needs hospitalization, our pediatric pulmonologists do whatever it takes to treat tuberculosis and keep your child as comfortable as possible.

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How We Diagnose Pediatric Tuberculosis

Nemours pulmonary specialists diagnose pediatric tuberculosis (TB) using the tuberculin skin test. To perform the tuberculin skin test, also known as the PPD test, pulmonologists inject a small amount of TB protien under the top layer of skin on the forearm. If the skin reacts by producing a red, firm bump on the area within 48 hours, Nemours specialists will measure the diameter of the bump to see if your child has contracted pediatric tuberculosis.

If your child has indeed been infected with pediatric tuberculosis, he or she will need to receive further evaluation, including chest X-rays and laboratory studies. If pediatric tuberculosis is diagnosed in your child, Nemours pulmonary specialists will prescribe treatment and monitor your child through the duration of the treatment.