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Exceptional Care for High-Risk Newborns and Their Mothers

It’s not easy to learn that the baby you’re carrying needs medical attention soon after birth. For newborns with certain conditions, treatment within hours, and even minutes, can make a big difference in the challenges they’ll face. In some cases, it’s needed to save their lives.

The Advanced Delivery Program at Nemours Children’s Hospital, Delaware gives healthy expectant mothers the option to deliver where their babies can get treatment right away. Your newborn will have immediate access to nationally renowned pediatric specialists, and you’ll receive top-notch care in the same place.

From the moment you learn your newborn needs extra care, our team gets to work. You’ll meet the specialists caring for you and your baby. Together, with you and your care team, we plan for your safe delivery and baby’s treatment after birth. And we do everything we can to honor your birth wishes.

Experts from more than 30 pediatric specialties partner with our core team. Together we treat high-risk newborns with a range of health conditions. We’re here for your child before pregnancy, at delivery and beyond.

Services We Offer

Perinatal and Fetal Cardiology Program

With our Advanced Delivery Program, healthy moms whose babies will need immediate, advanced care can deliver their babies right at our hospital.

Your Baby's Health Is Our #1 Priority

Our multidisciplinary, team-based approach includes specialists, nurses, respiratory and physical therapists, social workers, and other providers who meet daily to work for a common goal. We offer the highest level of coordination.

  • As participants in the Nemours Quality Champions program and the Delaware Perinatal Quality Collaborative, we’re dedicated to safe, excellent and evidence-based care for mother and baby.
  • We have vast experience in treating congenital heart defects and offer complex newborn heart surgery, heart-lung support (extracorporeal membrane oxygenation, or ECMO) and a dedicated cardiac intensive care unit (CICU).
  • Our neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) is a Level IV facility (the highest rating). We can handle the most complex, life-threatening challenges newborns face.

What Are Prenatal Tests?

Prenatal tests are screening or diagnostic tests that can help identify health problems that could affect pregnant women or their unborn babies. Some of these conditions can be treated, so it's important to find them as early as possible. Learn more from the experts at Nemours® KidsHealth®.

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