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Helping Hearts Get the Care They Need

The Adult Congenital Heart Disease (ACHD) Program at Nemours Children’s Cardiac Center in Delaware Valley offers compassionate care for adults up to age 40 with congenital heart disease.

The ACHD program emphasizes a comprehensive and coordinated approach to care including services for mental, dental, maternal and child health. The team includes dedicated specialists in cardiology, cardiac catheterization, electrophysiology, heart surgery and more. Our ACHD Program is co-directed by world-renowned interventional cardiologist, Wolfgang Radtke, MD, whose cardiac catheterization outcomes are excellent, with low complication rates. When needed, more than 30 other specialties are available to help.

The transition from pediatric to adult congenital heart disease management is critical. We see patients from before they were born through age 40 to ensure care is coordinated and continuous throughout a lifetime. Since most kids with CHD enjoy fulfilling lives well into adulthood, Nemours is committed to programs like this where we can continue delivering the required expertise of a specialized team to our patients. 

Education is a vital component of ACHD care. Patients and their families should learn everything they can about their health information and understand what it means for them. 

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Services We Offer to Treat Heart Defects

The expert teams in our Nemours Cardiac Center locations offer a full range of heart care. Services vary by specialist and location, but may include:

  • Heart Surgery. We offer advanced procedures to repair congenital heart defects, performed by board-certified, fellowship-trained cardiothoracic surgeons.
  • Cardiac Diagnostics and Imaging. State-of-the-art, noninvasive and minimally invasive tests.
  • Cardiac Catheterization. A procedure used to diagnose or treat cardiac problems by inserting a thin plastic, flexible tube (called a “catheter”) into an artery or vein, and threading it through the bloodstream into the heart and its large blood vessels.
  • Electrophysiology. A series of tests that examine the heart's electrical activity.

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Expert Heart Disease Care for a Lifetime

Adults who have heart surgery as children may experience reproductive health challenges, dental problems and mental health issues. That’s why it’s important for those adults to receive comprehensive, uninterrupted care from a recognized and highly specialized adult congenital heart disease program.

  • We’re skilled in helping kids transition managing their health care as adults. This program offers a unique option to keep continuity of care from a childhood CHD program into an adult-focused one.
  • We create long-term care plans based on our world-renowned Cardiac Center experience. With access to resources that support you throughout your life.
  • We offer genetic counseling. Whether you’re pregnant now, or thinking about starting a family, we’re here for you. 
  • We educate and support your family. Your physical, psychosocial health and well-being is our priority. Our care team is always just a text or a phone call away. 
  • 8 Physicians dedicated to delivering care to this special population
  • 1 Cardiac Learning and Development (LEAD)
  • 1 Cardiovascular genetics program director to help with cardiogenetics

In Our Patient's Words

“The doctors and nurses in the cardiac center have cared for me since birth and feel like family. I am forever grateful for all they have done and will continue to do for me.”

– Allison, patient and cardiac health care professional, age 24

Allison, patient and cardiac health care professional, age 24

In Our Patient's Words

“Dr. Chowdhury and Adam are always there for me if I need them. Adam will text me just to see how I’m doing.”

– Kevin, patient, age 19

We Make It Easy With Online Video Visits

For your convenience, patients can see a specialist with our easy-to-use telemedicine option. Whether it’s a follow-up visit or a discussion about heart-healthy diets, we can often save you travel time with our secure video connection. 

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Dad holds young daughter on lap and checks thermometer while doctor in lab coat is on the smartphone screen in front of them for telehealth.