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Cardiac Center, Florida

Heart Care Especially for Kids

The Nemours Cardiac Center in Florida cares for children who have common, complex or rare heart conditions. We specialize in detecting heart problems early. We treat them using the latest technology.

At Nemours Children’s Hospital, Florida, we can perform the most complex surgeries and procedures. And the Nemours Cardiac Center isn’t just in one place. We’re a network of locations, including a surgical care team at Wolfson’s Children’s Hospital. This means that kids across Florida can receive expert Nemours heart care, closer to home.

Nemours is known as a leader nationwide in pediatric cardiology and heart surgery. When you bring your child here, you have access to the entire network of pediatric heart specialists within the Nemours system.

Our programs treat kids with conditions such as an irregular heartbeat, congenital heart disease (present at birth) and heart problems that are passed on through families. We have kid-friendly imaging equipment, as well as the ability to get lab and test results quickly.

We know parents want answers and our specialists work together to make sure you get them.

Find Cardiac Care at Nemours

We have many pediatric cardiac care physicians and locations — find the closest to you:

Heart Care for All of Florida’s Children

The Nemours Cardiac Center in Florida provides world-class heart care for babies, kids and teens. We have locations throughout the state, and we’re powered by a leader in children’s health.

We care for even the tiniest hearts. We have expertise in diagnosing babies in the womb, as well as caring for infants who are only hours or days old.

We offer access to all Nemours heart specialists, systemwide. We can treat many conditions without surgery. We have vast experience treating many types of heart conditions, including those babies are born with, safely and quickly using cardiac catheterization.

Through our collaboration with Wolfson Children's Hospital, we are able to provide the complex care needed for children with congenital heart defects and their families in northeastern Florida communities in which they live.


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Addie's Story

Follow Addie’s journey from diagnosis through heart surgery and recovery to becoming an active, happy and thriving 4-year-old.

Help for Children With Williams Syndrome

Williams syndrome is a rare genetic disorder that affects the development of many body functions — especially the heart and circulatory system. Cardiologists at our cardiac center in Orlando are experienced in treating Williams syndrome. We have a clinic day just for kids with Williams syndrome, so they can see any specialists and have tests in much less time than separate visits would require.

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Convenient Follow-Up Appointments by Video

We offer follow-up appointments through scheduled, live video visits. You can avoid waiting rooms and save travel time. Ask your doctor if this is an option for your family.