Healthy Eating

We know that families are often on-the-go these days. So it’s especially important to help kids make healthy eating choices. 

Risks of Unhealthy Eating

When kids don’t have healthy eating habits, they’re at risk of:
  • unhealthy body weight and increased blood pressure
  • diabetes and cardiovascular disease
  • not getting adequate nutrition for proper growth of their bodies and brains
  • decreased academic performance
  • poor self-image

Tips For Success

To encourage healthy eating, make sure that:
  • half of a child’s plate consists of fruits and vegetables
  • kids drink water instead of sugary drinks like juice and soda
  • kids drink fat-free or low-fat (1%) milk after age 2
  • kids avoid oversized portions
  • kids get at least half of their grains from whole grains

More Tips & Resources

Nemours Health and Prevention Services (NHPS) and the Nemours Florida Prevention Initiative offer ways to help parents and educators teach healthy eating habits to children.