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Tips for Success

Tips for Success

Almost one-third of U.S. children ages 2 to 19 are overweight or obese. Whether you have a toddler or a teen, it’s never too late to help your kids make healthy eating choices.

How to Encourage Kids to Eat Healthy

Here are five strategies to improve nutrition:
  1. Have regular family meals.
  2. Stock up on healthy snacks.
  3. Avoid food battles by giving kids a choice of healthy foods and allowing them to monitor their intake, within reason.
  4. Involve kids in the cooking process when time allows.
  5. Be a role model by eating healthy yourself.

Putting the Right Foods on Your Child's Plate

Here are some easy tips to achieve healthy eating habits during meals or afternoon snacks:
  • Half of your child’s plate should consist of fruits and vegetables.
  • Kids should drink water instead of sugary drinks like juice and soda.
  • Serve fat-free or low-fat (1%) milk after age 2.
  • Avoid oversized portions.
  • Make sure your kids get at least half of their grains from whole grains.

MyPlate: New National Dietary Guidelines

The USDA Food Guide Pyramid, a guide on healthy eating, has not always been easy to understand. So the U.S. government has replaced the pyramid with a new symbol: a plate.

MyPlate is designed as an easy guide to teach portion sizes for children and create a nutritious, balanced meal.

  • half of your plate should be fruits and vegetables
  • the other half should be ¼ protein and ¼ whole grain More About MyPlate and Portion Sizes for Children »

Helpful Resources

Healthy Eating for Kids Resources

See a variety of printouts and links to more resources to help you and your child make healthy eating choice every day.

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Healthy For Life: A Guide for Families

Developed by Nemours Health and Prevention Services, learn what actions to take based on your child's BMI, and also find community resources for physical activities, healthy foods and nutrition counseling.

A Guide for Families: English | Spanish

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