Screen Time

With technology constantly changing, there are many multi-media tools we use daily for socializing, education, work, research, and entertainment. While media use can be fun, and even educational, kids can get screen-time overload.

Risks of Too Much Screen Time

Children who get too much screen time are more likely to:
  • become obese
  • exhibit aggressive behavior (kids who view violent acts are more likely to show aggressive behavior)
  • engage in risky behavior
  • make unhealthy food choices seen in commercials for high sugar/high calorie food and drinks (Source: Barr-Anderson, 2009)
  • develop attention deficit disorder/attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADD/ADHD), screen addiction, and sleep disorders

Positive Effects of Media Use

With moderation, there are some benefits of screen time to children:
  • educational value and school-related homework and research
  • playing video games can improve motor skills and coordination
  • internet tools, texting, and shared video games are easy and fun ways to socialize and communicate

Helpful Tips & Resources

To help kids grow up healthy, Nemours Health and Prevention Services offers ideas and programs for families, educators, and health care practitioners to help children develop healthy screen time habits.