Childhood Obesity Prevention Toolkit

For Rural Communities

Read examples of obesity prevention initiatives and strategies for educators, health providers and policy makers of rural communities.

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We've got tools and fun ideas to help parents encourage healthy habits at home, from healthy eating activities to ways to build good social skills and nurture positive behavior.


Healthy Eating Handouts & Resources

See a variety of printouts and links to more resources to help you and your child make healthy eating choice every day.

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Get answers and help on preparing meals and snacks, shopping and more from, the No.1 most-visited children’s health information site created by the experts at Nemours.

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Physical Activity

Physical Activity Handouts & Resources

Find out how to get your family moving in the right direction with
these downloads.

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  • Kids and Exercise: the importance and benefits of physical activity for children, from Nemours'

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Screen Time

Screen Time Handouts & Resources

Browse resources on media, television, and children.

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Sleep Routines

Sleep Routines Handouts & Resources

Get answers and help on sleep for kids of all ages from the experts at Nemours’

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Emotional Wellness Handouts & Resources

Find a list of tools and resources to promote healthy social skills, emotional wellness, and life skills.

Social Development

Positive Relationships

Emotional Development

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Self-Control Skills

Health Literacy